Let’s Call This One, Irony

So, I mentioned yesterday that I’ve been posting a photo every day, to Instagram of Gidget in a beanie that she got last week while at the launch party for Burton Snowboard’s 2015 line.  Sometimes she doesn’t even realize I’ve taken the photo until I’m looking through the images and am about to ask her if it’s OK to post.  She looked at it before I posted the shot, told me it was OK, but I’m pretty sure all she thought was, “Yep, mom got another picture of me in the most awesome beanie ever. Yawwwwwn.”   As I was looking at the photo while lining it up on the grid display in Instagram, the total irony of the picture caught me completely off-guard.  Look at the title of the book she’s reading, then look at who’s sitting next to her, and how he’s looking at her:

Let's Call This One, Irony


Kinda makes me wonder how many other subtle nuances I miss in other casual photos I take. Oh, and it makes me giggle pretty hard, especially considering the bond my kid and her cat share.

Winter Is Coming

WM G in Beanie

In May of 2015 I'll celebrate my tenth anniversary of blogging. It's been an amazing decade in which I've seen so many changes in the landscape that is the blogosphere, and a lot of those changes have been in the many different ways we have at our fingertips  with which to share our lives. One of the more recent additions to the social media sphere … Continue reading

The Spirit of our Summer – The One Photo That Says Everything

Gaby at Misquamicut State Beach RI 8-31-14 UTO WM

I have this, well for lack of a better term, tradition, where typically in mid-September I go through all of the photos I shot over the summer and I choose one, and on the rare occasion, two photos that captures the spirit of our summer. I've been doing this since I picked up my first digital camera more than ten years ago.  I've done it once … Continue reading

Busy Pecan Basmati Rice is a Hit! #Success

Gaby sports collage

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Success® Rice. This past year has been a little crazy for us around here. I know a lot of you followed our adventures during the seven months my nonnykin, (hush!  We don't say the "G" word around here!) Kennedy lived with us while her mom was fulfilling US Air Force obligations that required her … Continue reading

Those With Empathy Need Not Apply

Sunrise on Higgins Beach

Every once in a while, whether it's in every-day conversations with local friends, or while chatting with someone via social media, I'll come across an individual who possesses so little empathy for their fellow human beings that it shocks me and leaves me (almost) speechless. Today was one of those days, except this time, things were taken one … Continue reading

Enjoy an Icy Cold Ruby Sorbetto Fizzy and Celebrate Ball Jar’s International Can-It-Forward Day!

Ingredients for Sorbetto Fizzy

It's hard to believe that we're smack dab in the middle of August, back-to-school shopping is in full swing, and we're closing in on the last few weeks of summer. We've had such a wonderful summer; our trip to North Carolina and Washington DC, visiting various ski resorts in the Northeast to take advantage of the awesome summer events (ski lift … Continue reading

Celebrating Ball® Jar’s First Annual International Can-It-Forward Day – Saturday August 16, 2014

Ball Jars giveaway contents

I love this time of year!  So many of my favorite fruits and veggies showing up at local Farmer's markets, and this year I'm doing more with my Ball® Jars than simply using them for jams and jellies, or crafts!  I'm actually going to be canning green beans, tomatoes, peaches, and pears! I'm still going to be putting up my favorites - strawberry and … Continue reading

Life Sans Bootstraps – Why Suicide is Not Selfish

My status on depression

In the aftermath of a suicide, especially when the person who took their own life is as famous as Robin Williams was, our emotions - the ones closest to the surface are usually what we voice first.  We speak first, think later. So it was the case yesterday in the wake of  the news that William's death was an apparent suicide. Among the barrage of … Continue reading

We Went and Just Kept Going . . . From Upstate NY to Southeastern NC!

Gaby jumping off rock at Prospect Mountain UTO WM.jpg

We went and just kept going.  And?  We're still going because it was my bright idea to keep us all pretty busy while having an amazingly fun summer!  I have't managed to figure out how to balance the whole "having fun while keeping busy" with trying to keep up blog appearances, as it were. I've been doing lots of writing, but nothing … Continue reading

I Found the Sharpies!

Box on shelf with presents UTO

Most of you know that over the past year, my nonnykin (we don't use the "G" word around here, to describe me, or to describe the child of my child.  I'm just not there yet . . . might never be), Kennedy, stayed with us for several months while Meg was dealing with Air Force obligations that left her unable to care for Kennedy full time.  Being that … Continue reading