For the Time Being . . .

We have a teeny tiny Christmas tree. It’s no more than three feet tall. Why? Because we live in a teeny tiny house.  We’d pretty much have to move all of our furniture out of our diminutive living room in order to accommodate a normal-size Christmas tree.

We normally stick our petite Christmas tree up on top of the (non-functioning) gas fireplace in the living room and for the most part, it works out well. In the past Geronimo has been tempted by the lower hanging ornaments, but a quick spritz of water from a squirt bottle worked well as a deterrent. Even back when Geronimo was a kitten and we had a 7′ tree and lived in a house that wasn’t better suited for Barbie dolls rather than humans, he really didn’t bother it that much. I chalk that up to the mostly lazy laid back nature of Ragdolls. Then we adopted a kitten this past autumn and well, things kind of went to hell in a handbasket when I tried to put the tree up.

For the Time Being

Poor Christmas tree

I couldn’t get Gizmo to stay out of the tree!

For the Time Being

Not exactly a partridge in a pear tree.

So, for the time being, I decided to stick a basket on top of the fireplace. I figured we could put the Christmas cards we receive in the basket, as well as accumulated candy canes. Does anyone really eat all the candy canes they receive over the holidays? I know we don’t!

No sooner had I placed the basket on the fireplace . . .

For the Time Being

My basket runneth over . . . with cat! Related? Gizmo is not the most patient kitten in the world.

At a whopping nine months old, Gizmo is still pretty much all kitten. At nearly six years old, Geronimo is Alpha cat and will smoosh himself into the basket, and stay there as long as he pleases, despite the efforts of the smaller, more annoying kitten to unseat him.  Despite his size, Geronimo will still try to fit his rather generous, fluffy body into shoe boxes. Some things never change. Despite Gizmo’s persistence, Geronimo wasn’t about to give up the cushy digs in the basket, until he heard a bag rustle in the kitchen.


For the Time Being

Gizmo looks a little paranoid, while Geronimo just patiently bides his time.

So, for the time being, we’ll play musical cat-basket until I can safely put the Christmas tree back up – even if it’s only long enough for Santa to slide the presents underneath it.

Until then, our poor Christmas tree is safely tucked away in here . . .

For the Time Being

There’s a good reason that Gaby sings Christmas carols every time she’s in the loo!

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