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This is a sponsored post written by me, on behalf of Cottonelle.

“If a cat spoke, it would say things like, “Hey! I don’t see the problem here.”

~Roy Blount Jr. ~

This time of year can be as infuriating as it can be smile-inducing, giggle-worthy, and just plain joyful.     That parking space at the mall that you had your eye on?  The dude in the itty-bitty-sub-compact car eased his way into it like a greased pig sliding through the barn doors.   It’s 6PM on Christmas Eve and the last Skylander’s Swap Force at the toy store was just snatched out of your hands by a sweet-looking little old lady with blue hair.    You’re making your famous fudge for the office Christmas party and you realize you’re out of sugar!    As frustrating as going through the motions of getting ready for the holidays can be, I tend to take advantage of all the little opportunities to laugh, where ever I can find them.  If someone were to ask me if there was one thing I could use 25% more of during the holidays, I can guarantee you that my my answer would be “laughter.”    Always laughter.    It’s the one sure-fire, almost instantaneous way I know to de-stress from the madness that can creep in during the holidays. 

Sometimes I don’t have to do much to induce laughter in either myself or those around me.  Oh sure, I have tons of books by the likes of Dave Barry, Bill Cosby, and Erma Bombeck, as well as countless comedies on DVD, but more often than not, all I need do is open a door and BOOM . . . something will make me laugh!

Take our cat, Geronimo for instance.    Over his nearly five years from his wee kittenhood to his teenage years, and now in his full-fledged adult years, he’s made all of us laugh whether it’s pulling stupid stunts like racing through the house in the middle of the night like his fanny was on fire, to playing peek-a-boo with Gaby, or like earlier today when I walked in on this . . .


Geronimo loves toilet paper.   LOVES IT.   He’ll spend hours unrolling an entire brand new roll of the stuff and then traipsing through the house, making sure he shows everyone just how much he loves it.    Some families have teenagers who spend a lot of their youth TP’ing neighbors, friends, and rival’s homes.   Most of the time the toilet paper is on the outside of the home and in the trees and tossed over and around other landscaping.   In our house the opposite is true.   On a fairly regular basis you can find Geronimo dragging  the end of a roll of toilet paper down the hall, into Gaby’s bedroom, then into the kitchen where he’s still got one end in his mouth and has now climbed up on the table, then he jumps off the table and meanders through the living room, trusty roll of toilet paper never far behind.  

I’m completely surprised that he hasn’t managed to get it up into the Christmas tree and add his own personal touch to our holiday decorating. 

Regardless of how often the sight of Geronimo dragging toilet paper through the house happens, it never ever fails to make me laugh. 

I guess it’s a good thing that Cottonelle gives you 25% more toilet paper per roll than the leading competitor, especially the way Geronimo goes through the stuff!    I told Geronimo he was lucky that I get 25% more, yet spend less than I would on other, pricier brands, so he’d better appreciate it.    He looked at me like he would had I told him that Justin Bieber was coming to dinner.   He was thoroughly unimpressed.  I, however, am very impressed with a brand that can give me more of not only what I want, but what I need, and manage to make my entire family happy and comfortable – and this is key when you’re potty-training a 2 year old – and save me money as well.  Saving more money, especially during the holiday season, is right up there with laughing a lot more!

Being that this is the “most wonderful time of the year”, we’d love to know what you’d like 25% more of this holiday season and after you share that with us, be sure and enter for a chance to win a $500 American Express gift card for yourself and the charity of your choice, in Cottonelle’s “12 Days of More GIVEAWAY.” 

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  • The giveaway runs from Monday December 9th, 2013 to Friday December 20th.
  • One winner will be selected daily to receive a $500 American Express gift card for themselves and a charity of their choosing. 
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This is a sponsored post written by me, on behalf of Cottonelle.

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  1. More self-confidence for sure. I second guess myself all the time. So this tops my list.

  2. Time. It seems to be flying by faster and faster.

  3. sarah siskin says:

    I am watching Mandela’s memorial service and just witnessed Obama speak. He was so inspiring. My answer therefore is a new word I learned just now: Ubuntu. I am because you are.

  4. I have so much already, it would seem positively greedy to wish for anything else. But perhaps the thing I wish for the most is just time. Time for others, sure. But time alone is scarce, and sometimes I just need time to veg.

  5. Id like more common courtesy in people! A please and thank you go a long way! #moreisbetter

    • Lisa,

      I hear that a lot this time of year. I think people get so rushed and frazzled that sometimes the people that need to hear it the most, are usually the ones who hear it the least.

      Thanks for the nice reminder that common courtesy is always a good thing to have a lot more of!

  6. Jennifer Haga Johnson says:

    I would love 25% more of my dad this holiday. If he could just feel 25% better and enjoy this Holiday, his last , nothing would make me happier.

    • Jennifer,

      Your comment brought tears to my eyes. I so hope you get your wish. Know that I’ll be thinking of you and your dad, and your entire family this holiday season, and keeping you all in my prayers.