This Wasn’t Exactly on My Christmas List This Year | Two $50 Amazon eGift Cards up for Grabs

When I last updated Weight and See I mentioned some issues I was having with my right foot.   Long story short, I went in to see a specialist and she ended up putting me in one of these . . .

Getting foot wrapped

A foot cast.  In the above photo my doctor was wrapping my foot in something (the plaster cast wrap)  cold, wet, sort of slimy, that got hard really fast.   

It turns out that I’ve probably had RA a lot long than I thought, based on extent of damage to my heel and Achilles tendon and the foot joint in general.    There’s the huge nodule on the back, more bone spurs than I could count, and all sorts of other damage she pointed out on the X-Ray that overwhelmed me to the point of not really understanding anything she said after she pointed out all the spurs.    I asked her if it was strictly due to my weight and she said no.   The damage done to the joint is consistent with RA, in addition to the bone spurs.   She said that the bone spurs go hand in hand with plantar fasciitis too.   Because apparently all of that wasn’t enough, she threw in Achilles tendonitis at the the end.  Sort of icing on the cake.  The point of the cast is to completely immobilize my foot while the swelling goes down, get the joint and tendon to rest and heal for a while, and just keep me off of it.

At least that explains all of the excruciating pain I’ve been in.    Once the cast comes off (I’m not sure when that’s happening but I’d pay any amount of money to make it happen sooner rather than later because THE ITCHING!  MY GOD THE ITCHING!  I’ve never  had a cast of any kind in my life and getting my first at 45 is annoying as hell!) there are more steroid injections, physical therapy and then surgery this summer.  Oh yipee. 

I know I know, first world problems and all, but I’ve gotta tell you, while I am pretty lazy, that laziness does not extend to my house and not being able to be up and around taking care of things is making me crazy.   No driving, no nothing unless it’s vital to getting through the day.   In other words, I now have a doctor’s note that gives me permission – no wait, it demands that I sit on my ass all day, every day, for the next however long.    I like to be lazy on my own terms, dammit!  

Oh but hey, look, I’m so trendy with my medi-sock and boot . . .

cast and boot in dr office

And the kids are endlessly fascinated with my cast.   Gaby keeps begging me to take my sock off and let her write on the cast.   I told her I’d let her do that right before I got it taken off.   Did I mention how I’d like that to be SOON?     Kennedy has an older cell phone of mine that doesn’t have service but still functions and she couldn’t stop from taking what ended up being almost 100 photos of my foot, amidst the other 50 or so selfies she had a blast taking. 

Kids looking at cast cat in Gmo in backgrund

Did I tell you how badly this thing itches?   Because of how it was fitted to my foot, there’s no “sticking something down there” to scratch it.  Besides, with my luck I’d end up impaling myself with whatever I used, and end up needing stitches.   Oh but hey, if I had to have stitches, they’d take the cast off, yes?    Nevermind, I hate needles more than I hate the damned cast.

Oh and to add to the indignity of it all, look at this super-trendy thing I have to wear when showering.

foot shower thingy

My daughter, Meg, wasn’t kidding when she said it looked like a urine collection bag . . . for a HORSE!

So, because I’m rather annoyed right now, I thought I’d do something to get myself back into the Christmas spirit and give away a couple of Amazon e-Gift cards!  

Entering is easy:

  • Leave a comment on this post telling me what your most memorable and least memorable holiday has been – whether it’s gifts or just the entire holiday itself. 
  • Tweet the link to this post (are you following me on Twitter?  Why not?  @Barking_Mad)  and be sure and cc @Barking_Mad for another entry.

That’s all.

Rules: You must be a resident of the US or Canada (if you are in Canada, you have to be able to use the cards on Amazon).  Giveaway is open now through 10PM on 12/18/13.   Two winners will be drawn and announced on Twitter and here on the blog shortly thereafter.   You have TWO HOURS to email me at in order to claim your winnings.  The cards will be sent via Amazon eMail immediately.   ALL TAXES ARE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE WINNERS.    For more on my disclosure and contest policies, please read this.

This giveaway has not been sponsored or brought to you by any outside vendor.  It’s all me, myself and I.



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  1. Valerie Palmer says:

    My most memorble Christmas was 8 years ago, my daughter was born Dec 20 and I was able to give her her first bath Xmas eve. It is amazing how much she has grown physically and mentally.

    Worst one? It will be this Xmas eve since the kids will be with their father and I’ll miss them terribly.

  2. Most memorable Christmas (happy) … Last Christmas my newlywed husband and I went to the beach together.. it was very relaxing, quiet and romantic… a nice, welcome change from the regular hustle and bustle of the crowds and traffic.

    Least memorable Christmas (sad) … when I was a child and had to have a leg operation.. I was at the Shriner’s Hospital during Christmas and away from my family.. I cried a lot and missed them so much.. It forced me to stop believing in Santa very young because I wasn’t home.. I was scared and alone.

  3. I sure hope your foot feels better soon and you get the cast off .
    I guess my most memorable and least memorable would be the same one. Christmas 5 years ago. I had surgery to remove a cyst . The surgery forever changed my life It was found that I had NHL and the surgery was very extensive. I went home with tubes and a diagnosis that left me scared I would not be here for another Christmas. It was a sad time , the lights were not turned on again outside and I felt we let the children down while taking care of my medical and emotional needs. I did live and fought or three years. I am here today to celebrate another year with my family and am well . Merry Christmas

  4. So sorry about your cast.
    My story is kinda related.
    When I was about 5, I woke up Christmas morning and my Mother wasn’t there.
    She was in the hospital getting a cast on her right arm.

    Overnight she was sneaking to put presents from “Santa” under the tree. Her stocking feet and the linoleum made her slip and fall. She reached out with her arm to break her fall and broke it.

    It’s not like I expected Santa to be there in the morning, but I sure was expecting my Mommy to be there when I oped my gifts.
    It was a crappy Christmas.
    Hope yours gets better.

  5. My most memorable is a hard one. I was a senior in high school and my grandmother, an incredibly special person, died exactly one week before Christmas (today is the anniversary of her death). She knew she wasn’t going to make it to Christmas and she wanted us to have one last time to remember her by so she went nuts buying gifts for us. She had my Mom running around buying stuff and had gotten stuff before she went into the hospital for the final stages of leukemia. We had literally just buried her and then on Christmas Day came down to the tree just exploding with presents. Our hearts were exploding too … she wanted us to have one more Christmas with her and we did. There were a lot of hugs and tears that day … I love her so much I named our son after her. My least memorable was probably sometime in college when I was running around with my friends doing Chinese Food and a Movie after a quick dash home for a family meal. Yes, so un-memorable that I don’t remember it 😉

  6. Misty Thompson says:

    Most memorable- the year my daughter was born, least memorable last year my dad passed away on christmas eve last year :(

  7. My most memorable Christmas would have to be the one after I had my second daughter. My eldest was nearly 8 when her little sister was born, and she had been praying for a baby sister for three years. During those three years, we had multiple miscarriages and thought we weren’t ever going to be able to have another baby. After we finally had our little miracle, we asked Big Sister what she wanted for Christmas, and she told us, “Nothing. We have our complete family. That’s all I want and need.” Heart. Melted.

  8. Most memorable – my son was 2 weeks shy of finishing Air Force Basic Training – I had barely talked to him in 2 months. The Air Force posted pics of airmen with Santa Claus online. Made my Christmas.
    Least memorable – oven element went out Christmas Day boo

  9. Most memorable christmas was the christmas we celebrated after my grandson was released from the hospital after he was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor at the age of 11 months and had brain surgery in 2009. We were so greatful that he was alive and had to do christmas really fast so we could leave and head out of state for a proton radiatiion consultation.

    Least memorable christmas, when my kids quit believing in Santa. That was the time i realized my little girls are growing up : (

  10. Keri Melban says:

    Most memorable….has to be Christmas of ’81. I got a doll that ate, drank and of course pooped! It was disgusting, but I loved her to pieces. A close 2nd is 1983. I got my first Cabbage Patch doll named Ashley. She was perfection.

  11. Most memorable was…… I don’t know. Least memorable have been the past few up to and including this one. Some people are jerks and manage to suck the holiday spirit right out of me.

  12. The first Christmas after my Mom died, I thought for SURE was going to be the worst Christmas, Ever. How could it not be?
    But in spite of the tree falling, twice, the furnace dying and costing us most of the gift money- and a super sick asthmatic baby- A cardinal sat in my yard all day long that Christmas Day. Mom told me n Hospice when I saw a “red bird” it was her, saying hi.
    Hi, Mom.

  13. Heidi O'Rourke says:

    My most memorable Christmas by far, was 1991. In march of 1991 we found out we were expecting our first child after trying for what seemed like 300 months.I met with a wonderful midwife and we very quickly decided on a home water birth.One of the first things Thelma (midwife) said was hello Christmas baby to my belly. At first I hoped “baby” ( we didnt find out in ‘those’ days) would arrive on my due date dec.19th but as the time drew closer I realized Thelma’s prediction was spot on. I woke on Christmas morning very heavily pregnant but alas no signs. We had our own little couple wake up then went to my parents house which was about 8 miles away down some twisty country roads,( <<< fore-shadowing) leaving an eight by eight foot birthing pool in the middle of our living room, well middle of our living room is abit of an exaggeration, it actually took up most of the room, which we had set up the night before for sh#$'s and giggles.My SIL and BIL were visiting us from the USA at the time so it was all abit of a laugh. Fast forward its 2.30 all about to sit down for a HUGE christmas lunch, when I started to feel strange, I remember Thelma telling me stock up on carbs for energy, woo-hoo permission to eat all my favorite things so with a plate full of potatoes, stuffing and gravy I sat in the living room on a comfy chair being guard by the vicious family dog, a small cocker spaniel who made Chucky look like an American Girl doll. I ate I paced I grimaced I talked to Thelma.By 3 we were in the car headed back home, remember those twisty roads mentioned earlier, WOO did those come into play now,the car and I went one way the baby the other those potatoes/stuffing/gravy trying to reappear. The longest 8 miles of my life springs to mind.
    Thelma was at the house waiting for us her and I went upstairs so she could check me out my Mum and husband were given instructions to fill the tub, I paced around (alot) about 5.30 Thelma said I could get into the tub, BUT when we got downstairs the water temp was not right, and HORROR of horrors we had run out of hot water. Now this is the truly wonderous part of Christmas my husband went-a-knocking within minutes our neighbours some we knew others I had never clapped eyes on started arriving with buckets full of hot water, it was like something out of the early 1900's a chain of people passing buckets into our house and me pacing around in the full throw of labour. At 7.12pm on Christmas evening we welcomed Meghan Phoebe O'Rourke into the world and our lives and she has brought great joy happiness and excitement ever since. Christmas has always by far been my favorite holiday and for the last 22 years its been that little bit extra special. No amount of precious jewels, flat screen tv's, underwear,toys even Chocolate could top that awesome present.

  14. Most memorable – each year my girls believed that only Santa broughtthem their gifts, and their eyes were huge when they came downstairs.

    Least memorable – last year after we lost our pets in a house fire, and our house still wasn’t completely finished

  15. My most memorable would be the time I was a single Mom, and members of my church bought gifts for my daughters. My apartment had been burglarized 3 times before the delivery of the gifts, and then two times after. One of those times, I saw the wrapping paper from the gifts (which HAD been in my room) in the parking lot of the apartment complex.

    Then we found out that the thieves of the gifts were actually my neighbors. They figured out that we knew, and threatened us. We had to move out with police escort, two days after Christmas.

  16. Good gracious, Audrey, that just sucks! I’m certainly enjoy your stories, and photos, of your precious girls though! What a blessing you are to Meg during what must be the worst Christmas of her young life!

    Worst one I remember would be a toss up between the year we ALL had stomach flu (yuck) and last year when my husband decided to move out (no real warning) 2 days before Christmas. He came back but as we get closer to the anniversary I find myself holding my breath in case we have a repeat!

    Hugs to you! Tweeted your post! =)

  17. (((LOL and hugs)))
    I’ll never forget the Christmas when 5yo Nick came downstairs and saw the tree, and the presents, and the lights, and said… “What the hell happened here?”
    We were shocked. Then we laughed… and then cleaned up our language around that kid. 😉
    It worked, we think… he’s a college student at Moody Bible Institute now, and I’m pretty sure they don’t allow that kind of talk, especially on the day of the birth of our Lord. LOL