The Zya Factor


Do you have a budding musician or mix-master in your family?  Gaby loves apps where she can make music,  or learn about history, geography, or science.  However, musical apps are her favorite.   She’s even getting pretty good at using one of the “Learn to Play the Piano” apps that she has on the iPad.   I love that she not only enjoys music with some of these apps and is gaining a greater appreciation for music, but she’s receiving a boost to her musical education too.   Gaby is also a huge fan of the show, “The X Factor“, so when I learned about  Zya,  a cool new music game app that gives not only kids, but adults a great alternative to dull, brain-melting games, I jumped at the chance to try it out! 

Zya, available from the App Store,  is an app for iPad and iPhone 5 users that allows you to create songs using tracks from today’s most popular music.  You can mash them up, then lay down your own vocal tracks, mix it all up and BAM!  You have yourself a hit!  Not only can you mix and mash your own tracks using beats from different genres of music including pop, rock, and hip hop, but once you’re done, you can upload your song to Zya’s YouTube page in order to share it with the world!  

Gaby loves Zya!

GZ showing playback of song UTO WM

Once you’ve downloaded the app onto your device, there are several helpful screens that walk you through the game.

Start by picking your genre:

Zya pick music genre

Choose your musicians:

Zya pick musicians

Then you create your verse and chorus.  If you get stuck and can’t think of something right off the top of your head, no problem!  Zya can hook you up with a little inspiration!

Zya verse help

Once you’ve got your lyrics down, you’re ready to rock!  Gaby used the lyric helper and then typed out her lyrics into my iPhone so she had something to reference once she was ready to record:

GZ Ready to Record UTO WM


GZ singing into app UTO WM

There are several different auto-tune and mic effects you can choose from and lay over your vocals:

Zya auto tune mic effects

You’re ready to sit back and let Zya mix your song!

Zya mixing screen

Your track is mixed and ready to listen to!

GZ listening to her song UTO WM

Are you ready to share your masterpiece with the world?  Give your song a title and then upload your video to Zya’s YouTube page.

GZ titling her song UTO WM

Once you’ve uploaded it to YouTube you can easily email yourself the link to the video that Zya helped you create!

Zya easy email

We’re all having a great time mixing up songs, creating crazy lyrics and then mashing it all up and  enjoying the finished track.    Gaby created a song last night about her latest love, snowboarding.  Outside the of the first verse which she had Zya help her with, she thought up the rest herself!   

We don’t stop until we right,

crash all day, shred all night!

On the chair lift, up I go,

Feel the wind, ride the snow.

Check her video out!

 I really can’t encourage you enough to go out and play with Zya, and then when you do, be sure and leave me a link to one of your videos in your comment on this post!   I can’t wait to see how creative you are.  

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  1. Great giveaway and app! Thank you for sharing. so excited to check this out more

  2. My oldest daughter would love this app!

  3. This looks like such a fun app! I love apps like these for kids that are both entertaining and educational.

  4. I can totally see kids going crazy for that. There are so many musical and styling possibilities. FUN!

  5. Looks like a fun app for tweens!

  6. Audrey, we downloaded this at your party..for some reason we cannot make it work unless we pay. Can you help?

    • Trisha,

      I am really sorry to hear that. I will reach out immediately and see what I can find out, and who can help you. Did you load it onto an iPhone 5 or an iPad?

    • Trisha,

      It does sometimes prompt you to “buy” a group of songs but that would be with points you’ve earned or were given to begin the game. There are upgrades within the app available but they can all be earned with gameplay and none are required to use the app. Is it possible that you’re seeing “buy now” and thinking money but seeing stars?

      If you want I can walk you through this. It’s a super fun app and I’d love to hear what Charlotte might sing.

      Jessica Gottlieb

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