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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Clorox

One of my favorite things about being a mom to little girls has been the tea parties!

My oldest daughter Meg, is an adult now, with a little girl of her own (Kennedy) who is staying with us temporarily while her mommy serves her country in the USAF, and despite Gaby, my youngest daughter who, at 8, has almost grown out of her fondness for tea parties, we can still manage to throw an occasional absolutely fabulous tea party fit for a queen. OK well, maybe that’s being a wee bit enthusiastic.  They’re probably fit for a princess.  However, as we recently found out, Kennedy puts on divine tea parties and will invite just about anyone, and she’ll make sure she caters to their very unique appetites.

Oh, did I mention that Kennedy is two and a half?  Yeah, you should probably keep that in mind.

The other night after coming home from the grocery store where I pretty much just emptied the bags onto the counter, Gaby told us that she needed to find something in the basement “right away” for a school project.  Gareth was already down there looking for something else, but asked me to come down and help for a minute, because he wasn’t sure where to look. So, we set Kennedy up with a snack at the table – a cup of milk and a mini-scone, while the three of us looked through a couple of plastic totes in the basement. 

About five minutes later we heard some giggles coming from the kitchen. The giggles turned to full-on belly laughs from the toddler and we figured we’d be better off taking the totes upstairs and going through them there, where we could keep a very close eye on things. As I was coming to the top of the stairs I hear more laughter from Kennedy, and then Gaby, who had been the first to go back upstairs says, “Oh my gosh, this is soooooo funny!”

Then, as I step up through the basement door the smell hits me . . . wet cat food. I don’t think I can adequately describe the gut-churning reaction I have to the smell and sight of wet cat food.  Gareth feeds the cats, and there’s a good reason for that.  I get the dry heaves anytime I so much as think about having to plop that goop into a bowl.

Our house is extremely small so it was a split second and a glance to my left and this is the sight that greeted me:

tea party 3 UTO WM

Kennedy decided to set up an impromptu tea party, a tea for two of sorts, and being the thoughtful soul she is, she invited Geronimo, our 27lb Ragdoll cat. Being mindful of her guest’s individual culinary needs, she found the brand new little cups of wet cat food that had just made their way home from the store, yet to be put away, and made sure Geronimo was well tended to.  She even gave him a little milk out of her sippy cup “tea” of his own!

tea party 2 UTO WM

Looks like it’s time to warm up Geronimo’s cup of tea.  I was trying to control my dry-heaves at the sight of the blobs of cat food on my kitchen table, while also admiring Kennedy’s gracious hostess skills.

tea party 4 UTO WM

All the while, milk was spreading across the table and I was contemplating burning the house down because the thought of having to get close enough to the wet cat food in order to clean it up was almost *dry heave* too much *dry heave* to bear!  All I could smell was cat food.  I was pretty sure I’d leave the house with eau d’liver pate’ clinging to my hair and clothes.



By this point I was dry-heaving so hard that I was starting to frighten both Kennedy and Gaby, both of whom I’m pretty sure were certain I was going to all-out barf in front of them. Oh believe me, I was totally thinking the same thing was going to happen. Thankfully Gareth stepped in and told me to go stick my face in a lemon and he cleaned up after the tea party! 

tea party 5 UTO WM

I know, I’m a huge sissy, and I totally embrace that.  Next to wet pet foods, cleaning up after my kids have been sick, are the two things that cause me to come completely unglued and will guarantee either dry-heaves or sympathetic vomiting.  Thank goodness for Clorox products which help our family deal with the various incarnations of “ick” around here! Between the cats and kids, we have our share of the ickies. 

Because there are some hilariously icky moments in life, Clorox is having a little fun with the grosser parts of life.  On April 9th from 6pm-10pm ET, they’re holding the Ick Awards where they’ll team up with Chicago’s famed improv troupe, The Second City Communications, where they’ll turn your tweets about your own hilariously gross moments into #ickies video skits throughout the awards show. You can help pick the winners by voting for your favorites and win big as they give out $2,500 in prizes!  Or, have a  hilariously icky moment you want to nominate in advance? Share it using #ickies and “tune in” to the first hour to see if it is featured in the opening number with a surprise celebrity guest!

Sometimes even the grossest moments of our lives are hilarious. Be sure to visit Clorox and be sure and sign up for their email newsletter for tips on how Clorox can help you giggle through life’s messes.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Clorox.

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  1. You are a better mom than I am! I’m a little OCD and I think I wouldn’t last long enough to stop and take a photo. Thank goodness you had Clorox wipes handy!

    • Karen,

      When Kennedy first came to stay with us back in October, we went to BJ’s and stocked up on their surface spray you can use just about anywhere on anything, and their wipes. I love that spray (we’ve been using it as long as it’s been out)and we have those wipes in the house and in each of our cars. Plus with a cat who regularly leaves ABC hairballs on a regular basis, they really come in handy.

      Ugh, just thinking about that makes me dry-heave!

  2. Love this! LOL You made my day! :)

  3. Oh, this is too funny. While I am not a huge fan of wet cat food, I’m not quite as bad as you. In fact, I have a pretty strong stomach when it comes to cleaning up almost anything. In school (many many years ago) I was the one the teacher sent to check on the ‘sick’ kids in the bathroom. Yeah. Unfortunately, I don’t do wet cat food. I wont heave, or throw up, but it does make me queasy. Ick. That one blob on your kitchen table… well, I just wont go there.

    • Kay,

      You deserve sainthood for being the one to go in and check on the sick kiddos. There’s no way I could do that.

      There’s only one thing worse than wet cat food . . . wet dog food!

  4. Well, she was a good kitty hostess. But yeah, that cat food’s pretty gross!

    • Anne-Marie,

      In a way, it makes me kinda sad that he was the only one in the immediate vicinity who could attend. On the other hand, I’m a little frightened of what she would have tried to feed the rest of us. *lol* Other tea-parties have been *interesting* to say the least. Creative is another word I can use. Playdoh tea-cakes anyone?

  5. Okay, this made me laugh and throw up a little in my mouth at the same time. :)

    • Donna,

      I know the feeling . . . I left out the part where we were standing there, I was dry-heaving and before Gareth could swoop in and grab the big blog of cat food off the table with a handful of the Clorox wipes, Kennedy grabbed a handful and put it in her mouth. While I was running to the bathroom I could hear Kennedy say,

      “Ewwww pops, that’s not very tasty!”

      Gee, Kennedy, ya think?

  6. It’s better to laugh than cry, right? I know it’s a mess and all, but that is absolutely the cutest thing I’ve seen all week. Your daughter is adorable.

    • Crystal,

      Awwww thanks so much – but she’s my Nonnykin (I can’t say the G-word, I’m just not there yet!) . . . child of my child. *lol* And yeah, she’s pretty hilarious to boot!

  7. I, too, am a sympathetic puker. Once, one of my kids puked all over me, and it was a puke fest of EPIC proportions. Thank God, my husband is the pukemeister, and handles all things barf.

    • Wendy,

      In our house my hubby has the same job, and the last time I was violently ill with the stomach flu, he went as far as holding a bowl under my chin because there was no way I was going to make it to the loo in time! It took me a while to stop kissing toad and find my Prince Charming, but a man who will handle the pukes is a keeper for sure! *lol*

  8. This is, indeed, hilarious. Thanks for posting it.

    Second City may well be an improve group, but it’s primarily an Improv group.


    • Bob,

      Thanks for catching that. Chrome redlined “improv” and I think I saw it and corrected it before my brain caught up, whereas, had I been writing this on my iPhone or iPad, goodness only knows WHAT it would have turned the word into. I’ve had some hilariously awful auto-corrects lately! Too bad Clorox can’t clean THOSE up! 😉