Bikini Season Makes Me Stabby! #Tilex

I’m working with Tilex® on a paid basis, but my opinions are my own.

You’re probably thinking I’m about to launch into a rant about the silliness of women everywhere trying to starve themselves into a bikini by the time beach season rolls around. Nope, this is worse.  So much worse, and so so much grosser!

Once the temperatures start to rise and the humidity reaches inhumane levels we are either at the Y, the lake, or have taken off for a weekend back home to Maine where we park ourselves on Long Sands Beach in York, in an attempt to cool off.  In preparation for Beach/Bikini season, Gaby starts collecting bikinis.  This season she probably has about seven with three left over from last year. Bikinis are one of her favorite summer items of clothing, especially if she can pair them with cute shorts and matching flip flops. One thing though that drives me absolutely crazy about beach season (outside of all that sand and the places it manages to lodge itself) and Gaby with all of her bikinis is that she never fails to make it home in a still-wet swim suit! The minute she gets in the door, she heads for the bathroom where she turns on the shower, and drops her bikini where she’s standing . . .


I’ve probably told her a million times to take them down to the laundry room immediately and either hang them up over the drying line down there so that I can wash them, or put them in the laundry herself.

So, when I walk into the bathroom and see this:


. . . It automatically turns me into one of these!

Monster mad

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Why?  Because there is nothing grosser than walking down the hall and getting a whiff of something damp and awful smelling!  Mildew!

This time of year in the northeast is not only beach and bikini season, it’s mold and mildew season.  I usually remind Gaby in May that it’s starting to get warmer and humid so she needs to remember to always always ALWAYS pick up wet bathing suits and towels off the bathroom floor, because it takes less than 48 hours for colonies of the nasties – mold and mildew – to start growing. I think all she hears though is,

Gaby,  *mwah mwah mwah mwah* beach season *mwah mwah* water *mwah*, OK?

Gaby is getting to that age where “Selective Hearing/Remembering Syndrome” starts to kick in.  Moms, you know what I’m talking about. I can remind Gaby a million times that she’s going to end up with smelly little black or green spots that I can’t get out of her beloved bikinis if she drops the wet suits on the floor and forgets about them, and then they end up in the garbage. She promises she won’t do it, but it never fails, I’ll inevitably find a wet bathing suit on the floor. It drives me nuts and makes me all kinds of angry.  I’d die if a friend walked into my home and got a whiff of that awful damp, musty, sour smell. I mean, I know mold and mildew happens! It actually happens in 100% of homes in the U.S. at one time or another, but still, mildew is disgusting and can lead to mold which totally freaks me out!

Normally about once every two weeks when I give the bathroom an extreme cleaning from top to bottom (once a week I scrub the toilet, wash the tub out, scrub the sink and counters and make sure everything is clean and shiny, but once every two weeks the shower curtain comes down, the walls get washed, and in addition to regular mopping which happens weekly, I go back and steam mop) and part of that is using Tilex® in the areas that are prone to dampness which always leads to a little mold or mildew, especially this time of year. I’ve been using Tilex® for more than five years, and one of the things I like the best about it is that I can spray a little bit on the trouble spots, leave it to sit for five minutes while I tackle another part of the bathroom.   When I come back to it,  I simply wipe or rinse (if I’m using it in the shower stall or the bathtub) away the Tilex®  and the gack is gone!  Because Tilex® contains Clorox® Bleach, it disinfects as it kills 99% mold and mildew on household non-porous surfaces. I also grab it whenever Gaby leaves a wet bathing suit or towel on the bathroom floor, even if it’s only been there a few hours, and spray down the surface of the floor just in case!

tilex logo UTO

The other day when I noticed she’d left her wet bikini on the floor on Sunday, I made her pick it up and walk it down to the laundry room and wash it; a task, you can see, she was none-too-pleased about!


Then I set off with my Tilex®  to kill the fungus among us!

Fungus among us

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And once the bad guys are gone:


I can go back to my happy place . . . Until the next time I walk into the bathroom only to find another remnant of bikini season, lying on the floor.

What bathroom cleaning task drives you nuts and how do you handle it?

I’m working with Tilex® on a paid basis, but my opinions are my own.

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  1. In my world, every time a bikini was left on the floor – it would end up in the trash. And no more would be purchased by the grown up type people in the house.

    You want to keep your stuff? Take care of it! or buy more out of your own money.

  2. AUGH my four year old does the same thing, leaving wet stuff everywhere. With him it’s usually a wet towel that falls off the hook and just gets left there. I know he’s young but it drives me crazy!

  3. This made me laugh. My oldest has reached the wonderful stage too. Tilex is certainly a wonderful thing to have in the house during the summer months for sure!

    • Crystal,

      I’ve noticed that this “Drop my clothes anywhere, even if they’re soaking wet, and leave them there until they can get up and walk to the laundry room themselves.” stage is closely preceded by the selective hearing/remembering stage! Talk about things that make you go hmmmmm. *lol*

  4. My boys do the same thing with their swim trunks and it drives me batty! They’ve gotten better about it since I’ve thrown such a fit though.

    • Tiff,

      So far I’m just at the constant “nagging” level . . . although I’m not opposed to throwing an all out fit if she keeps it up. Although, with my luck, I’ll look so ridiculous, she’ll just end up laughing. 😉

  5. I am going to try this. Our bathrooms seem to get worse in the summer…I wonder why :)

  6. This totally cracks me up. We have tried every cleaner under the sun and Tilex is the ONLY cleaner we use now in the bathrooms. It works miracles!

    • Jennifer,

      I swear by the stuff! Between the shower, the tiles and the grout, I’ve yet to find anything that works better!

  7. My daughter is famous for this. Even her brother nags her about it now LOL

    • Kimberly,

      Gaby has no one but me to nag her, unfortunately. I keep trying to teach Geronimo to bark at her (I know, I know, he’s cat – he already chirps, so I figure barking can’t be too hard to master) when she does this, but all he does is roll over and beg for tummy rubs. He’s no help at all.

  8. Tilex has saved our bathrooms a time or two during potty training season!

    • Chelle,

      I am soooooooo glad those days are over! Cleaning the bathroom is just sort of endless during potty training season, especially if you have boys!

  9. Does cleaning the bathroom count as my least favorite bathroom cleaning task? Everyone here is great with laundry, always right into the hampers.

    • Val,

      I think it’s one of the least favs – cleaning the entire thing, for a lot of people. I don’t mind it so much, but I do mind doing the laundry! The laundry is actually my least favorite thing to do, especially the whole folding thing.

  10. Oh boy do I hear you! I have three girls, two of them teens and I don’t know when it happened but I keep stepping into wet piles of clothes all too often!!!

    • Valerie,

      I *think* it starts to happen when mom stops dressing them and constantly picking up after them. At least that’s what I’ve noticed anyhow. *lol*

  11. This post is hysterical! I admit – I often leave my bathing suit on the floor too – but never long enough for it to get stinky!

    • Lynsey,


      I’m hoping at some point, she’ll remember, when she DOES leave her bathing suit in there, to go back and get it BEFORE it’s an issue. I have a feeling I’ll be “hoping” for a long time. 😉

  12. Wet swimsuits lying around is a pet peeve of mine, too. I also hate it when the floor gets wet after a shower and no one cleans it up!

    • Kathleen,

      Ugh! That’s another huge pet peeve of mine too. It’s not only messy, but it’s a slip hazard . . . of course, sometimes our cat acts as a back-up bathmat (I swear, his favorite place to crash is on the bath mat in Gaby’s bathroom! and he tends to soak up the place that’s usually the “splash zone” around the shower!

  13. I. Hate. Cleaning. Toilets.

    I hate pee pee around the base from boys who stumble in the middle of the night and miss the damn bowl! I hate every single solitary iota of BLEH that comes from having to clean the toilet.

    Why haven’t they invented self-cleaning toilets yet!?!?

    • Lisa,

      Seriously! We have cars that can park themselves . . . PARK. THEMSELVES. What is so hard about creating a self-cleaning toilet. Hey, we even have self-cleaning ovens! Seriously, a toilet is a lot less complicated!

  14. I wish it was bikini season here. LOL!!

    I know all to well though of that smell.. ick! Now that it is just hubby and I here we don’t leave wet clothes on the floor.

    • Sheila,

      That’s a smell you don’t forget! I used to think “wet dog” was one of the worst smells out there when it came to household smells, but now it’s mildew. Gack!

  15. Tilex works brilliantly so I honestly don’t mind cleaning the shower that much, but the toilet? Oh how I hate that build-up. This house is impossible to keep up with! My last house was easy, but this one…blech.

    • Liz,

      The toilet is not my favorite, but we get this awful condensation around the tank, and it drips and gets UNDER the tank, and I don’t see it . . . I end up SMELLING IT and I HATE HATE HATE getting down and back there – it’s almost like I feel like I’m underneath a car – except it’s a toilet, and no one wants to get THAT CLOSE to their toilet!

  16. Oh my gosh, I hate that too! Mildew on bathing suits, or even wash clothes – ICK! Tilex definitely comes in handy at my house – we go through a LOT of it with 6 of us using 1 bathroom!!!

    • Krissy,

      The thing with the laundry? In the winter, because it’s so dry (despite ALL THE SNOW!), I can maybe get away with leaving a load of laundry in the washer overnight. There is no way I can do that from May through October! Nope. If I forget about a load of clothes, I can guarantee I’m going to have to re-wash it again. Yuck!

      Oh my, 6 using ONE bathroom? Yep, I can definitely see the need for Tilex! It’s great stuff, isn’t it!

  17. Okay after your story I realize I totally need to add this to my daughter’s dorm room checklist of things to buy for fall. Three girls, one shower…I completely see the need for this unless one of her other roommates happens to be a clean freak (doubtful, right?!).

    • Tammy,

      I can definitely attest to the fact that this is a must have for girls’ college dorm showers! I was a little shocked the first time I visited Meg at college and saw the showers. I mean they were clean, but there was definitely a “funk” to them. Plus, the girls never showered barefoot, and that was pretty telling. After that, whenever I visited, I made sure I stuck a bottle of Tilex in with all the other stuff in the care packages I took with me!

      Sadly, there were no clean freaks in Meg’s dorm! *sigh*

  18. HA! The SAME thing happens in my house – except with boys’ swim shorts. I don’t understand why they don’t learn after the FIRST time they clean it!

    • Sara,

      Yes, THIS! The other thing I want to know is WHY WHY WHY doesn’t the smell alone signal to them that this is gross, not OK, and most important, MAKES MOM CRAZY? I swear, all it takes is one day for a wet swim suit to make the entire house smell awful. How can kids stand it?

      Maybe I don’t wanna know the answer . . .

  19. Love this! Yes, Tilex is great, it’s all I used.

    • Raijean,

      As long as they make the stuff, and as long as there are kids in my house who leave wet bathing suits lying around, I’ll use it!

    • It’s pretty much ALL we use in the bathroom!

  20. So put down a big plastic sheet or something. Whatever will protect the rug.

    Leave them there. Tell her you figure she like her clothes lying around wet, since she does it herself.

  21. Next time she leaves the bikini on the bathroom floor. go throw some of her clothes into the washing machine, take them out after they’ve spun semi-dry, and dump them on the floor of her room. Tell her apparently leaving wet clothes lying around is fun, and you thought you’d try it.

    • OMGosh Bob, if I did that, with my luck, it would ruin the berber carpeting in her bedroom! That stuff is a huge pain in the neck as it is, and all it’s good for is exfoliating the bottoms of your feet. *lol* But ohhhhhh would she get all kinds of growly with me. It would be funny in a really horrible way!